Rather Be Chalking

Ian's Mom loved Elephants and Angels.  RIP 4-19-2019 Thank you Lynda, Mom & Grandma for always supporting our art.  We will miss you. 
Goodbye Mom - April 20, 2019
Ian's mother passed the day before we had to do this piece. 
Casa Grande, AZ
Promenade At Casa Grande Chalk Festival
​This was our hardest piece to do.
I'm proud of us for showing up.  

For the love of art

​We are a husband and wife chalk art team!

Arizona is our Home!
We love to create chalk art & travel!

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Happy New Year! 2019 is our year!
We Love What We Do!
We have over 5 years of experience playing with chalk and pastels.
Chalkboards are our newest addition to our talents.
We enjoy the creative process! 
Contact us and let's jumpstart our imaginations. 


Cafe 450

This chalkboard was created special for our client! This picture shows how they use it daily.  

I love these pieces!!! 

We can create what you want! Check out what we created for one of our newest clients! 

These signs are double sided. These signs really make me happy!!! They were a lot of fun to do. 
USAA Christmas Party
This "New Orleans" Theme Christmas party was a fabulous event to be a part of.  We completed this 8x8 piece in 9 hours.

Ian @ Chase Bank 
This is the play area for children at Chase Bank-Home Mortgage in Scottsdale. This picture was taken to give you perspective of the area we were working in. 
Ian & Lea
We like to take a picture in front of our work.  This took us 2 hours to complete! there was a lot more time spent in design though. We really wanted to make sure the client had what they wanted.
Kids chalk art next to ours is so cute!!!!

<<<<<-------Corporate and Private Events----->>>>>
Press me to see more pictures of cool chalk art!!

Every event is unique!
We enjoy the creative process!
Permanent or temporary chalkboards. 
A great marketing tool with no waste.
Logo Design
Sandwich Boards
We are so ready for our next adventure in art!!!!
​Book an event today!

  1. Chalkboard, art, chalk
    Ice cream Sandwich Chalkboard
    2x3 Chalkboard Art
  2. Chalkboards, Logos, Chalk, Custom Art
    The Spotted Donkey
    2x3 Chalkboards-
  3. Chalkboard, Chalk, Logo, Chalk Art
    The Grill-Refined American
    2x3 Custom made chalkboard.
  4. Chalkboards, Chalkboard, Chalk, Art, Logo
    The Spa Cafe
    2x3 This chalkboard was really fun to create!!

We can create custom chalkboards!

Do you need your Logo on a chalkboard?
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What about a party/Anniversary?
Do you have a Birthday Coming up and want a special gift?
We can create custom sizes and designs.
​Let's get creative!
​Goodyear Chalk in the Park 2018
"Featured Artists"
This is our 4th year chalking for Chalk in the Park.
This piece took us 6 hours to complete.


This was our biggest chalking to date!!!
We were selected to create these pieces for Homecoming  (not  my design).  
This art took 4 days and a team of artists to finish in time!
We even had some rain! These pictures were taken the after it rained in the early morning. It didn't seem to mess it up too much. Whew!
  1. Title 2
    Title 2
  2. Title 3
    Title 3
  3. Title 4
    Title 4
  4. Title 5
    Title 5
  5. Title 6
    Title 6

[email protected] Botanical Gardens

Devour 2018 @ The Desert Botanical Gardens
This was our first time at this event.  It was a beautiful two  days of food, art, music, and people. What an amazing experience! 

Feb 2018 Private event-Microsoft

We had a great time at this event! This piece took us 6 hours to complete. It would be nice to have had more time, but that's entertainment!
We had a great response to our art. The Phoenician is a beautiful resort to chalk at!

Red Bull @ ASU
​Tempe, Arizona
7 Hours 
Feb 1st, 2018 

Prescott Chalk it up!
Featured Aritists
We had a lovely time chalking in Prescott! This is a fun event. 
April 22 & 23, 2017